Lionel Messi Stunned Elche goalkeeper By Asking His Shirt

Barcelona beat Elche 3-0 to revive their La Liga competition but Mess’s class catches the headlines. The Argentine super star scored two goals to help his side and recover their disappointed result of Gadiz match.

After the game, Elche goalkeeper Edgar Badia asked Messi for his shirt. After giving it to him, the Argentine asked for Badia’s shirt, who was quite surprised initially, but then gave it to Messi.

Elche goalkeeper Edgar Badia managed to get Lionel Messi’s shirt at full time. As he was walking off, he was shocked to see the Barca captain grab him and ask for his in return.

Elche’s goalkeeper couldn’t believe it when Lionel Messi asked him for his shirt in return.

Lionel Messi scores twice in Elche game, his first strike came courtesy of a beautiful back-heel assist from Martin Braithwaite, while his second saw some astonishing penalty area composure after Frenkie de Jong’s solo run.

However, Messi’s brilliance didn’t end with the final whistle because the 33-year-old’s behaviour after the game has been going viral on social media.

That’s because Elche goalkeeper Edgar Badia went over to the Baca star to ask him for his jersey after the game, prompting a moment of class from Messi that caught out the opponent himself.

Messi shows his class at Full time

Naturally, Messi obliged and handed over his jersey, but Badia amusingly did a double-take when the Ballon d’Or winner insisted upon receiving his kit in return.

Now, that might just seem like common courtesy, but it’s the reaction of Badia that makes it such a heartwarming moment and Messi himself couldn’t help laughing at the fact it caught him off guard.

Lionel Messi is now La Liga’s outright top scorer this season with 18 goals and now Messi is two goals clear atop the La Liga scoring chart.

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