British Government to take over the ownership of Premier League clubs

The British government is planning to take over the ownership of Premier League clubs now owned by the richest foreign investors.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson has promised that fans will play a key role in English football, and that what they want will be done.

Following the failure of the organized European Super League, the British government is taking steps to emulate Germany by not allowing its Bundesliga and lower leagues to be played by non-state actors.

Of the 18 Bundesliga clubs, (more than half) are owned by the government, and ownership is not allowed to be fully controlled by private companies or individuals, who can take actions only for their own benefit.

Following protests and outcry from sports pundits against Arsenal, Chelsea, Liverpool, Manchester City, Manchester United and Tottenham, the British government is launching a plan to take ownership of the 20 Premier League clubs (more than half), so that they can make important decisions and get rid of the wealthy owners who are currently involved in the games.

Responding to questions about the Super League-based sporting crisis on Wednesday, Boris Johnson said former sports minister Tracey Crouch had led a series of studies and investigations into football management and how it was raised.

Raise the role of supporters in decision-making and administration.
Oliver Dowden, the current secretary of culture, media and sports, told the media that Prime Minister Boris Johnson was working to bring lawmakers to the table that would put the government on the table to take over ownership of the clubs.

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