Zlatan Ibrahimovic: Cristiano Ronaldo Is Not A Natural Talent, Ronaldinho Made Others Look Like Kids Around Him.

The Manchester United attacker Zltan Ibrahimovic was asked what separates the Real Madrid Cristiano Ronaldo from Brazilian duo Ronaldo and Ronaldinho and Zlatan feels the difference is quite simple. Ibrahimovic believes Cristiano Ronaldo is not s satural talent and all his achievements  is the result of hard training while says Ronaldinho made ether players look like kids around him.

Ibrahimovic told ESPN Brasil: “I think Ronaldo, Il Fenomeno, was the best. For me, it was an example of what football is. Everything he did something that made you think -wow. The way he dribbles and the way he run..Ronaldo was natural and he was born to be what he was. It was not something he trained to become. This type of player is not made, he is born and he is unique.

Ibrahmovic Continue: “We Ronaldinho and I played together at AC Milan but he did not live the best days as before but I loved when we played and he was running with his hair messed up and dribbling fast and when he wanted to – he made others look like kids around him”.

Ibrahimovic: Cristiano Ronaldo is not a natural talent

Zltan Ibrahimovic explains Real Madrid’s Cristiano Ronaldo ability: “As for Cristiano, we didn’t play together. It is different because it is the result of hard training. It is not natural.”