Steven Gerrard Reveals His Favourite Moments And Matches As Liverpool Player.

Liverpool legend and former captain Steven Gerrard has been voted the club’s best player of the Premier League era by Liverpool Echo poll.The Merseyside paper and website’s football experts along with some selected fan website writers were tasked with ranking their favourite Liverpool players over the last quarter century.

Gerrard spoke with the Echo’s Ian Doyle after topping the poll and he looks back as some of his most memorable moments as an legend of Anfield. There were many questions Gerrard was asked here are some interesting questions he answered.

Gerrard Was Asked: What was your favourite individual performance for Liverpool?

“In terms of an all-round performance over 90 minutes and extra time, the West Ham performance was my favourite. In fact, I would say it was a perfect performance.In every other performance- no matter how well you play- you will always make minor mistakes and have periods where things don not go well.I just think  that one day, I was on it. It was like I was on auto-pilot, everything I was trying was coming off. It was almost like a ”wow” performance from myself, when I look back at it”.

“In terms of my favourite moment you will not be surprised.. Istanbul-for what it means not just for me but for the whole club- the fans- everyone  that is always going to be number one. You only have to look at the legacy it has left..In fact, it was not even just about the final itself, it was about the journey. We were underdogs all the way through- and how we did it was incredible. And to share that with teamates; it will always be my favourite moment”.

Gerrard Was Asked:What about a favourite penalty? You took a few in your time;

“Probably the one against Arsenal match in the Champions League quarter- final in 2008 at Anfield.It was late on, they’d just got back to 2-2 to go ahead on away goals, and it was in front of the Kop. That was pressure, I remember having to put that one quite high. I used to like to go low because I could get decent power in those-sometimes you have to go for the distance away from the keeper, and I managed to stick that one in. That was a good moment”.