Anthony Joshua Reveals The Best And Worst Advice He’s Ever Received In Boxing

Anthony Joshua Reveals The Best And Worst Advice He’s Ever Received In Boxing. British superstar Anthony Joshua has reached the very pinnacle of boxing, and despite his massive size and figure, that was not all that led him to the fame and success of the 29-year-old world heavyweight champion.

Speaking of unscrupulous managers, Joshua went on to draw comparisons with boxing legend Mike Tyson, who was greatly exploited in the sport due to his fame and marketability.

For young new fighters on their way to international stardom, Joshua stresses to look out for certain advice from promoters.

Taking that idea on a positive spin, Joshua looked at what should be the model of a healthy promoter-figher relationship, saying: “I think it’s important for a manager or promoter to educate his student.

This is what you’re going to do, this is how you’re going to get on.’ The better the student does, the better the manager or promoter looks.

“I think with Mike Tyson, the people that were around him around, if they had not tried to steal then people would have still been eating till this day.” watch here.

Further elaborating to explain his greatest piece of advice given to him, Joshua said: “Never be afraid to ask for help. As a man, you have ego sometimes. ‘Alright, I got this.’ A lot of my success has come from people opening doors for me because I asked for help.”